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Death Note by Ninja322 Death Note :iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0
One winged heart...
I guess the walls of my heart are paper thin...
-Am Kidd
I just wanna hold you, I just wanna kiss you, I just wanna love you all my life...
-David Choi
Everyday, you watch as people walk to their destination, you see millions of faces. But your lucky enough to just see the same face a second time
The sun is just setting, the sky is orange, but when I turn around it's blue. Wherever I turn I see millions of faces as I sit on this hill. Beside me is the love of my life. I guess I'm lucky to be with her.
It all started when I went to the dollar store to buy a card for my friend. You see, it was his birthday, he had just turned 11. While I went up to the cash register I gave the lady a toonie, but the card was only a dollar, I received a dollar back. As I walk out of the store and hear the ding of the door, I notice a girl holding a beautiful origami piece the shape of a winged heart, and she drops it carelessly. I walk towards her and I ask, "why did you drop that heart?", she says
:iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0
Star Ocean: Faize by Ninja322 Star Ocean: Faize :iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0 Sai by Ninja322 Sai :iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0 Itachi and Sasuke by Ninja322 Itachi and Sasuke :iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0 Zip up, it's cold outside by Ninja322 Zip up, it's cold outside :iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0 I like scarfs by Ninja322 I like scarfs :iconninja322:Ninja322 1 0 I believe... by Ninja322 I believe... :iconninja322:Ninja322 2 0
Dear Mother Fandy
Dear Mother Fandy,
I love you with all my heart, I love the way how you always show that you care for me and how I see that your there for me. The way you help me get through tough math problems, like calculating surface area. Although I've missed it when we sang together, hopefully when you read this we can sing the songs like we used to. I know it feels like we are on opposite sides of a room, but I want to tell you I love you mommy <3
Love, your son :)
:iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0
Naruto: Pain by Ninja322 Naruto: Pain :iconninja322:Ninja322 0 3 Marshmallow's in Love by Ninja322 Marshmallow's in Love :iconninja322:Ninja322 0 3
Relationships may take years or even a lifetime to establish. They don't always start off with "love at first sight", but rather they start off with two complete random strangers who have no similarities whatsoever. It doesn't matter how they met, whether they met in an online chatroom, in school or work, by accident, on purpose, or even walking past eachother in a hallway. What matters is that they have met. They are two separate people who seek nothing within each other, but for some reason they see each other again and again. Who knows why, it could be God, them, other people, or even their souls reaching out for their other half. They may be strangers, but as time gracefully drifts forward, their relationship grows. They may not see their bond growing stronger, but only at certain moments, they could be random or not, they notice it slightly.
Relationships will always have it's rigid rocky roads, but it's only natural for a healthy bond. The world revolves on a balance, love isn't
:iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0
Brothers are here to...
To hate,
to hurt,
to punch, to kick,
to be there,
to admire,
to have faith in,
to help,
to inspire,
to love.
I love my brother :)
:iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0
I walk down the sidewalk and see a sunset rise, as cars pass by the clouds collide,
I walk down the sidewalk and see a sunset rise, bikers zoom by saying "hi",
I walk down the sidewalk and see a sunset rise, I hear chirping while birds fly,
I walk down the sidewalk and see a sunset rise, I watch the branches from trees swinging high,
I walk down the sidewalk and see a sunset rise, see the children jump to the sky,
I walk down the sidewalk and see a sunset rise, watch the day go by as the sky turns dark and the stars come shooting by...
I walk down the sidewalk and see a sunset rise, I lay on a hill to finally die.
:iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0
Hatred is like a diamond scratching another diamond,
the diamond that is being scratched has a mark,
the one that scratches is shattered.
Hating hurts you more than it hurts the other person,
hatred is like a curved blade.
As you hate you stab your self instead of the other person.
:iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0
Somewhere in the night...
Somewhere in the night a child crys a women weeps and someone dies, somewhere in the the night humanity hides, somewhere in the night a soul screams as people fade and die lost in dreams, somewhere in the night reality lives, somewhere in the night lonleyness dwells as people die no sounding bells, somewhere in the night she dies alone , somewhere in the night where is the light.
:iconninja322:Ninja322 0 0




I ate my real name
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